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2/9/2020 » 2/10/2020
2020 Winter Meeting

Leadership Recruitment Information
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The GLACUHO Leadership Team thanks you for taking the time to explore the opportunity of taking on a Leadership position with the association. Serving successfully as a GLACUHO Leadership Team member requires a commitment both from you and your campus community. Below you will find information that will assist in understanding what this commitment looks like.  

Below is a checklist of information candidates will need for Leadership applications. 

  • Contact information
  • Position applying for*
  • Professional photo/headshot* 
  • Candidate statement*
  • Current resume
  • Institutional Support Form

*indicates elected candidate information will be posted online for membership to review. 

Leadership applications are due by 11:59 PM CST on April 4, 2019. 


Items to note:

No speech or Q&A will take place for Board of Directors (elected) positions. Candidates should ensure all information they want to share with GLACUHO membership is in their written candidate statement.   

Candidate Statement: Within your candidate statement, address the following questions.  Statements are limited to 500 words maximum. For elected positions, these statements will be posted online. Appointed positions will be shared with the GLACUHO Board. 

  • What is your past involvement within GLACUHO or other professional association(s), and how will you use this experience as a Leadership member?
  • What unique strengths and attributes will you bring to the GLACUHO Leadership?
  • How will you live out the GLACUHO mission of providing the best opportunities for housing officers to learn, lead, and serve?
  • Describe your vision on how GLACUHO can become more inclusive space for all, and how will you strive to create that environment. 

Institutional Support Form: In lieu of a letter of support candidates must have someone from their institution, preferably a supervisor, complete a form online confirming the institution’s support of the candidate. Institutional Support Forms are due by 11:59 CST on April 4, 2019. 

Position Responsibilities

Terms for Positions

In-Person Meetings

Institutional Support

Selection Process (Appointed and Elected)


Nomination Form

Position Responsibilities

President-Elect Responsibilities

  • Serve the first year of a three-year term.

  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and attend all Business Meetings.

  • Preside over Leadership Team, Board of Directors, and Business Meetings in the absence of the President.

  • Represent GLACUHO at the Annual Conference.

  • Represent GLACUHO at the ACUHO-I Conference and attend the monthly online Regional Leadership Meetings.

  • Correspond with Board of Directors and Committee Chair Delegate on a monthly basis.

  • Assist in the appointment of standing committees, task forces, and vacant leadership team positions under the direction of the President.

  • Work with the Committee Chair Delegate to vversee the committee selection and acceptance process.

  • Indirectly coordinate the work of the committees by providing leadership to the Committee Chair Delegate, assisting committee chairs and committee members in making progress toward the responsibilities and tasks.

  • Maintain comprehensive records of the position’s activities.

  • Oversee the annual leadership team onboarding process
  • Orient and transmit records to the incoming President-Elect.


State Delegate

  • Serve a two-year term.
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and attend all Leadership Team, Board of Directors and Business Meetings.
  • Conduct state meetings at the Annual Conference and oversee the election of the State Delegate position in accordance with the by-laws.
  • Correspond with the Board of Directors on a monthly basis.
  • Orient and transmit records to the incoming State Delegate.
  • Coordinate the selection process for the Annual Conference scholarship recipients.
  • Communicate with institutions within the designated state about GLACUHO, Leadership Team, Board of Directors items and functions, committee activities and other action items.
  • Write and distribute a bi-monthly state update. Serve as moderator for the state email list, if applicable.
  • Make annual contact with Senior Housing Officers or designees in the state.
  • Develop and maintain contact with institutions and Senior Housing Officers who do not regularly participate in GLACUHO activities.
  • Compile and disseminate committee activities and initiatives in the state updates.
  • Coordinate, or assist with, statewide housing officer meetings or para-professional staff conferences as needed (this varies from state to state).
  • Travel as necessary to connect with member institutions to promote the year-round professional development activities of the organization.
  • Lead and organize regular conference events and state networking activities such as:
    • New Delegate Orientation
    • Five Star Program
    • Connections
  • Support the work of the President.
  • Lead task forces and work groups at the request of the GLACUHO President.
  • Represent the GLACUHO President at functions within state when president is unable to attend.
  • Complete other projects and assignments given by the President of GLACUHO.
  • Support the work of the GLACUHO Leadership Team, Board of Directors, Committees, and Task Forces within state.
  • Solicit articles for Trends Newsmagazine.
  • Help the Secretary update and maintain a current mailing list for the state.  Inform the Secretary of changes for the database.
  • Actively encourage committee membership and participation by professionals in the state.
  • Attend whenever possible, GLACUHO functions held within the state (New Professionals Conference, Drive-In Conference, etc. if applicable)
  • Solicit award nominations from within state for GLACUHO awards.
  • Solicit program proposals from within the state for program sessions at the Annual Conference.
  • Working with the past-president, solicit bids for hosting the Annual Conference when it moves to the represented state.


Committee Chair Responsibilities

  • Attend in-person Leadership Team meetings as directed by the President (Winter Meeting and at the Annual Conference). Attend online leadership team meetings and committee chair meetings as directed by the President or Committee Chair Delegate.

  • Conduct in-person committee meetings at Winter Meeting and at the Annual Conference. In addition, host monthly online meetings with committee members. Submit minutes of all committee meetings to committee members, Committee Chair Delegate, President-Elect and Secretary.

  • Submit information for the committee web page to the Technology Coordinator.

  • At the Annual Conference, attend the following functions: State Meeting, Business Meeting, transition meeting, and others as directed by the Tri-Presidents and/or the Committee Chair Delegate.

  • Submit for Board approval goals and objectives of the committee each February, consistent with the committee purpose statement.

  • In consultation with the Treasurer, develop and manage annual committee budget.

  • Communicate with committee members (at least twice per month) and the Committee Chair Delegate (at least once per month).

  • Give feedback to committee members regarding performance and make recommendations to Committee Chair Delegate and incoming chair regarding committee membership.

  • Work cooperatively with other committee chairs as needed to implement goals and objectives.

  • Coordinate on-site registration and greeting of attendees at Winter Meeting.

  • Submit monthly report to Board of Directors.

  • Communicate via email, checking GLACUHO email daily.

  • Maintain complete and accurate records of committee during term.  Prepare term report summarizing all committee activity and information and submit to Committee Chair Delegate and Secretary.

Terms for Positions

3 years, from annual conference to annual conference:

  • President-Elect/President/Past-President

2 years, from annual conference to annual conference:

  • State Delegate
  • Committee Chairs (see below for exceptions)

1 year, from annual conference to annual conference:

  • Contemporary Issue Committee Chair

Other scenarios:

  • Programming and Development Chair (2 year term, from annual conference to annual conference, with the first year as assistant chair, second year as chair)



Below is a snapshot of specific meetings each Leadership Team member can expect to attend.

Institutional Support

The ways in which individuals complete their Leadership Team responsibilities and what institutional support looks like varies greatly. At minimum, individuals need the time to complete GLACUHO tasks and attend meetings throughout the year. Variations in institutional support occur when considering expenses related to travel, use of institutional resources, and how time put toward GLACUHO work may be counted. All applications for elected and appointed positions require the institutional support form to be filled out. Please send this link to the person who would be best to fill this out (could be your supervisor, director, Assistant Dean, etc).  Note, this form is in place of the previously requested letter of support. A letter of support is no longer needed- only this form. 

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly time commitments (meetings, general GLACUHO work, and time away for in-person meetings)
  • Travel time and cost for in-person meetings.
  • Monetary support could include annual conference registration, travel costs for meetings, university resources, such as printing, phone calls, etc. 

Institutional support form is due by April 4, 2019. 


Selection Processes

Elected Positions (President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, State Delegates)


  • The deadline to apply for an Elected Position is April 4, 2019 by 11:59 EST.

  •  All application materials should be submitted online (no email application materials will be accepted).


The elected board will meet in mid-June to select appointed Leadership Team members. Appointed members materials will be reviewed using a rubric. This rubric is in final stages of development and will be shared here once the final product is complete. The makeup of the Leadership Team will also be considered, with a goal of balancing experience related to the position and ensuring multiple viewpoints for the Board. All candidates who submitted statements of interest will be notified of their status in mid- to late October. Appointed board members will be expected to attend the Board Transition Meeting held on Tuesday of the annual conference.


How much time does holding a Leadership Team position take?

The GLACUHO Leadership Team completed a time audit in 2016 with detailed information about each position. For more information about the role that you are seeking, including monthly tasks and estimated time commitment, please contact the Past President at During the presidency track, individuals average about 5 to 10 hours a week on GLACUHO tasks. State Delegates average 5 hours a week. Most committee chairs report 1 to 5 hours a week of GLACUHO work, while the Programming and Development Chair averages between 5 and 10 hours a week. In general, the amount of time needed to complete GLACUHO tasks spikes around the Winter Meeting and Annual Conference, with most roles planning for 10-15 hours a week the month before each event.   

I am likely job searching during the term of the position I am applying/running for. Should I apply?

Not everyone is certain about when they may job search or where that next position may be. It is common for individuals in Board positions to change roles and/or institutions within the region during the course of a term. It may be important to consider if you believe you will be able to maintain both your commitment to GLACUHO and successfully transition to a new role and/or institution. Should you be selected or elected for a Board position, we ask that you are transparent with the President-Elect should there be a chance that you may leave your GLACUHO role.

If you are searching outside of the region, you may want to consider talking with a current Board member about other ways to become more involved with GLACUHO and apply for a Leadership Team role at another time.  

What are some of the biggest challenges of transitioning onto the Leadership Team?

Each position on the Leadership Team has set tasks, but many new Leadership Team members are surprised at the “Board” aspect of a Leadership Team position. Each elected and appointed Leadership Team member currently participates in discussions and votes on matters related to the general operations of the association (with only elected board members voting on financial matters). This involves participating in discussions about issues and topics beyond the role that you hold on the Board. We seek to have a diverse leadership group and value the different perspectives that each person brings to these discussions.