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10/28/2018 » 10/30/2018
2018 Annual Conference - Bloomington, Indiana

About Us
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Mission Statement

GLACUHO - Providing the best opportunities for housing officers to learn, lead and serve.

Vision Statement

GLACUHO will be widely recognized as a premiere regional housing association.

Core Values

Personal, professional and organizational growth, service, visionary leadership, inclusivity.

Our Purpose

  • To better prepare housing officers to meet the diverse and changing needs of those we serve with primary concern for students.
  • To contribute to the improvement of dining services, residential life, and residential facilities provided by housing officers.
  • To advance and communicate professional knowledge and standards in the field of student housing.
  • To provide opportunities for education of professional development of housing officers.
  • To sponsor activities and services which assist housing officers in the exchange and distribution of information and ideas.
  • To be supportive of the goals and purposes of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International (ACUHO-I).

Statement on Diversity

GLACUHO welcomes and appreciates diversity at all levels of the association and treats members with respect and dignity. As educators and housing professionals, we must foster environments that exhibit appropriate respect towards others and oppose all acts of intolerance. GLACUHO prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, religious or spiritual preference, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, creed, political affiliation, diversity of thought, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical ability, political affiliation, or veteran status. GLACUHO welcomes and affirms all individuals to our association.

Statement on Hate Crimes

The Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO) has a responsibility to communicate professional knowledge and standards in the field of housing and to provide for the education and professional development of housing officers. GLACUHO is concerned about the growing problem of hate crimes on college and university campuses. Such incidents are increasingly prevalent and damage the sense of community, particularly within our on-campus residential areas.

GLACUHO believes it is within our responsibilities, as housing officers, to protect human rights and to promote diversity and pluralism in higher education. Therefore, GLACUHO encourages housing officers to do all they can to understand and address the issues that drive hate crimes. Having an educated and planned response to hate crimes will sustain us in our important role of serving students.

Environmental Statement

GLACUHO believes it is within our responsibilities to promote decision-making and goal setting that focuses on positive and sustainable practices and methods.

As educators and housing professionals, we must:

  • Educate ourselves and our students about sustainability issues and our individual and organizational impact on the environment.
  • Employ and advocate environmentally sustainable best practices, e.g. recycling, waste and energy use reduction, and the construction of green facilities.
  • Promote community partnerships, resource sharing and innovative thinking to foster responsible citizenship for a lifetime.

GLACUHO is committed to leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint in the communities where our members and students live, work, gather, and learn.

Association By-Laws

The association's by-laws were last revised on May 23, 2014, after a successful vote by the membership. Click here to view the by-laws. 

Leadership Manual

The leadership manual outlines the roles and responsibilities of the board. The most recent version was published in November 2013. Click here to view the Leadership Manual. 

The History of GLACUHO

On July 28, 1949, ACUHO-I was created in its earlier form. In the beginning days of ACUHO-I, only the senior housing officers attended the conference. Middle management desired to have the opportunity to meet, and regional organizations arose from that desire. At the ACUHO-I meeting in Flora (1972), delegates from the Great Lakes agreed to the idea of holding a winter meeting of the Great Lakes region in the winter of 1973.

GLACUHO was the last region to be organized. All other regions of ACUHO-I had been meeting for several years. The first regional conference was held on February 25 - 27, 1973 at Kent State University. It was known as the Great Lakes Region Housing Officers (GLRHO). The winter meeting provided opportunities for those who regularly attend the ACUHO-I meetings as well as other middle management officers who did not have this opportunity.

By 1983, the size of the institution had grown to 89 member schools. At that meeting, changes were voted on, and approved, that would bring the association into a structure more similar to today's. The membership voted to move the dates of the annual meeting from February, when it had occurred for the first 11 years, to October. This year also marked the change in the leadership from a Vice President position to the President-Elect position. That year was unique because the next meeting was held that same fall of 1983, meaning two conferences occurred that year.

Over time, our association has grown and changed, as has our membership. We continue working to serve the needs of housing officers in our region.

Conference History by Year

1 1973 - Kent State University 25 1996 - University of Toledo / Bowling Green State University
2 1974 - Indiana State University 26 1997 - University of Notre Dame
3 1975 - Eastern Illinois University 27 1998 - CASCHA (Chicago Area Small College Housing Association)
4 1976 - Eastern Michigan University 28 1999 - Grand Valley State University
5 1977 - Ohio State University 29 2000 - University of Dayton
6 1978 - Purdue University 30 2001 - University of Southern Indiana
7 1979 - Western Illinois University 31 2002 - Northern Illinois University
8 1980 - Michigan State University 32 2003 - Ferris State University
9 1981 - Kent State University 33 2004 - Northeast Ohio Housing Officers
10 1982 - IUPUI 34 2005 - Ball State University / Indiana University
11 1983 Spring - Northern Illinois University 35 2006 - University of Illinois at Springfield
12 1983 Fall - Kalamazoo College / Western Illinois University 36 2007 - Ferris State University
13 1984 - University of Cincinnati 37 2008 - University of Cincinnati / Wright State University
14 1985 - CASCHA (Chicago Area Small College Housing Association) 38 2009 - State of Indiana (Various Schools)
15 1986 - Purdue University / Manchester College 39 2010 - Southern Illinois University Edwardsville / Eastern Illinois University / Southern Illinois University Carbondale
16 1987 - Ferris State College 40 2011 - Grand Valley State University
17 1988 - Wright State University 41 2012 - The Ohio State University
18 1989 - Ball State University / Indiana State University 42 2013 - Butler University / IUPUI / Marian University / University of Indianapolis
19 1990 - CASCHA (Chicago Area Small College Housing Association) 43 2014 - Western Illinois University
20 1991 - Ferris State University 44 2015 - University of Michigan-Flint / Kettering University / Riverfront Residence Hall
21 1992 - Northeast Ohio Housing Officers 45 2016 - University of Cincinnati
22 1993 - University of Evansville 46 2017 - Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
23 1994 - Western Illinois University 47 2018 - Indiana University - Bloomington
24 1995 - Eastern Michigan University 48 2019 - To be selected at the 2017 Annual Conference (Michigan)


Other Regional Affiliates of ACUHO-I

GLACUHO is just one of many regional affiliates of the ACUHO-I, the Association of College and University Housing Officers - International. For a complete list of all regional affiliates, visit