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Managing an Infectious Disease Outbreak on a College Campus

50 for 50 Stewardship Campaign
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GLACUHO’s 50 for 50 Stewardship Campaign is an effort to raise $50,000 by our 50th anniversary conference in 2021. 

When and How?

GLACUHO offers unique opportunities to donate to the GLACUHO Endowment account with the ACUHO-I Foundation throughout the year. Donations are collected in person at the winter and summer meetings, as well as at the annual conferences for GLACUHO and ACUHO-I. Proceeds from the silent auction at the GLACUHO annual conference, the online silent auction, and other events throughout the year also go toward the GLACUHO Endowment account with the ACUHO-I Foundation.  
Donations to the ACUHO-I Foundation may also be made at any time here. We encourage you to consider ongoing giving as an option, too.  

To count toward GLACUHO and the 50 for 50 Campaign, you must select “Other Donations,” enter the amount, and write “GLACUHO Endowment” in the “Dedication or Comments” box. Please also utilize the “Are you donating to a region?” box and type in “GLACUHO” at the end of the Contact Information section.   


GLACUHO aims to support members from our region in their involvement related to regional and international professional development opportunities. 

GLACUHO currently awards scholarships amounting to over $5,400 each year to individuals in the region for:

  • The National Housing Officers Training Institute (NHTI) ($2,000 split among attendees from the region)
  • STARS College ($1,000 split among attendees from the region)
  • GLACUHO Annual Conference Re-involvement (conference registration for one individual per state)
  • GLACUHO Annual Conference New Delegate (conference registration for one individual per state)
  • Committee Members (conference registration for four committee members)

Based on annual interest earned from our ACUHO-I Foundation account, about $1,244 of the scholarship amount is covered, with the rest coming from our operating budget. To earn interest to cover all scholarships given, we would need to raise over $200,000 more. To move in this direction, we have set an ambitious goal of raising $50,000 between the 2016 Annual Conference and the 2021 Annual Conference. 

The ACUHO-I Foundation account was chosen as our investments. The interest earned will be utilized toward funding the scholarships. 

Yearly Fundraising Goals

The GLACUHO fundraising year will run from the end of one Annual Conference to the next, allowing for a push toward goals when all are gathered together. Fundraising goals per year are as follow:

2017                     $7,000
2018                     $8,000
2019                     $9,000
2020                     $10,000
2021                     $16,000

Any amount raised over the goal would be applied to the goal for the following year.