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10/20/2019 » 10/22/2019
2019 Annual Conference - East Lansing, Michigan

Candidates for President-Elect (2019)
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Members were solicited for nominations for GLACUHO Leadership positions during early 2019. Interested nominees were contacted and given an opportunity to submit their application materials, including candidate statements, resumes, institutional support forms, and professional photo.

A run-off election for President-Elect will take place online June 6-19, 2019. Institutions that signed in at the 2018 Annual Conference in Bloomington, Indiana will  receive one vote on behalf of their institution. Votes are cast by a designated voting delegate. Voting delegates can be found here

If there is an update to your institution’s voting delegate, please email

For more information on the elections process and procedures, please review the GLACUHO By-laws.


Director of Residence Life, Student Conduct, Commuter Services & International Student Services
Baldwin Wallace University

It is an honor to be nominated by my colleagues for the position of President-Elect for the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers. I have reflected on this opportunity and feel that my current situation would provide me with the time and energy that is needed for this three-year commitment.

I have been fortunate to have a long career in residence life, and proudly worked at the following institutions:  University of Wisconsin-River Falls (Resident Assistant), Iowa State University (graduate Hall Director), Southern Illinois University- Carbondale (Hall Director), Slippery Rock University (Residence Coordinator), Ithaca College (Area Coordinator), Ashland University (Director), Kent State University (Associate Director) and for the past fourteen years as the Director of Residence Life/Student Conduct/Commuter Services/International Student Services at Baldwin Wallace University.

I have been involved with GLACUHO for over 27 years. During this time, I have served on various committees, as committee chair for Facilities & Operations, as a 2004 conference co-chair, as Ohio Delegate for three terms, on the Financial Advisory Board and Strategic Planning Task Force, and both as a MLI and PDI faculty instructor.  In addition, GLACUHO and its members have provided me with numerous professional opportunities such as presenting 25 conference programs/workshops, submitting numerous award nominations, writing TRENDS articles, committee involvement, conference participation and various networking opportunities that have helped me be a better student affairs professional.

In addition to my GLACUHO involvement, I have been active in other professional associations.  Through ACUHO-I, I have served on the Programming Committee for five years and currently serve as the 2015-20 ACUHO-I Sustainability Chair. I have also served on the ACUHO-I Awards and Recognition Committee and ACUHO-I Foundation Giving Committee for the past two years.  Additionally, I have consistently attended the Ohio Housing Officers Meeting since 1994 and been an active member in Northeastern Ohio Housing Officers (NEOHO), including serving as president in 2016-17.  I also serve within the Ohio College Personnel Association (OCPA) on various elected and appointed positions, including OCPA President in 1996 and coordinating the Silent Auction at the Annual Conference.  In my spare time, I am active in the local community through Kiwanis and co-advise Baldwin Wallace University Circle K chapter.

My time within the field at various institution sizes and serving within different professional associations has prepared me well for the challenge of leading and serving as President-Elect within GLACUHO.  As someone who values friendships and relationships, much of my approach will rely on fostering meaningful relationships with GLACUHO Board members and general members to ensure association goals are met (and even exceeded).  

As the President-elect, my immediate goals include:

  • Supporting the Strategic Plan and Executive Board by continue to ensure we are on track to meet goals, and ensuring thoughtful decisions are made that directly impact members.
  • Refining the newer responsibilities of President-Elect by working closely with the 2019-20 President to continue or improve on things learned in the 2018-19 year, as well as adding in new ideas as appropriate.
  • Advising the Committee Chair position, including providing any necessary training or support throughout the year.  Continue to refine the working relationship between the President-Elect and Committee Chair through intentional conversations, reflection, and assessment of the 2018-19 year. 
  • Supporting the new committee chairs by providing direction and focus as they work within the new committee structure, including continuing any Board Orientation, on-boarding, or needed training throughout the year.  This will be accomplished through regular, ongoing meetings.
  • Working closely with the Conference Host Committee and Program Committee Chairs to ensure the annual conference addresses a variety of membership needs, including cost, accessibility, a diverse program slate, diverse group of presenters, etc.

I would also seek to challenge the board and membership in the following areas:

  • Strategic Plan – With the strong foundation of the current Strategic Plan, I would look forward to working closely with GLACUHO leadership to develop a new strategic plan for the association.  To reflect the needs of the association’s diverse members, I would like to outreach 20+ housing professionals from each state at all levels to gain their perspective on how GLACUHO can/should evolve over the next five+ years.  I also like to build on the 50 for 50 campaign momentum to establish a strong culture of giving among members, and identify new fundraising ideas to support the 50 for 50 campaign. 
  • Increase Engagement Opportunities - GLACUHO is more than a fall conference; it is truly striving to be a 365 association.  I would work to identify meaningful involvement opportunities for members to engage in, including a review of what is offered and where there are gaps.  Ideally, these engagement opportunities would allow GLACUHO to collaborate further with organizations such as NEOHO, CASCHA, CAACURH, GLACURH, OCPA and NASPA IV-E. Additionally, I would look to continue to strengthen the relationship between GLACUHO and ACUHO-I and the ACUHO-I Foundation.
  • Personal Connections – Members feel valued when their voices are heard. Since the winter meeting is still slated to be held in-person for another year, I would utilize that time to provide opportunities for open and honest dialogue about how to increase involvement in GLACUHO and how GLACUHO can prepare housing professionals for our dynamic field.  With so many of us feeling that GLACUHO is our professional home, I would look to past Executive Board and Committee members in helping with recruitment and retention of new members so they too felt that GLACUHO was home.
  • Sustainability – I would aim to increase our current sustainability efforts, especially at the Annual Conference, by reducing waste, promoting recycling and reusing, and finding better ways we can use technology to support a greener environment.  Setting the standards for other regions to follow and working closely with the new ACUHO-I Sustainability Committee would allow GLACUHO to emerge as a leader in this important area. 

I have loved being part of the GLACUHO association, where I have truly seen the value of learning, leading, and serving alongside others.  The connections with professionals of various experiences and backgrounds has been critical in GLACUHO’s development and my own. 

I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to serve the GLACUHO membership in this role.  I believe my years of experience, various types of professional involvement, and love for GLACUHO will allow me to utilize my strengths and skills to further the association’s success.  I hope my commitment to the profession and to GLACUHO has been demonstrated by my involvement and my actions.  Thank you for considering me for this leadership position.



Associate Director for Housing Operations
Wayne State University

It is an honor to accept the nomination and submit my formal interest to serve as your next GLACUHO President Elect. I relish the opportunity to learn, develop, and give back through service. For thirteen years, I’ve served on several committees, presented at conferences, attended and served as a faculty member at the Professional Development Institute, and served two years on the GLACUHO board as the Indiana State Delegate. Currently, I’m finishing a four- year term as the ACUHO-I Professional Standards Chair, leading revisions to the Housing Standards and coordinating the annual Professional Standards Institute.

Throughout my involvement, I’ve gained valuable knowledge of organization logistics, housing trends, evolving student populations, and the diverse needs of our students and colleagues.  The accumulation of experience has provided firsthand knowledge of time commitment, thoughtfulness, and importance of various perspectives when making decisions.   Additionally, I’ve developed techniques to manage my work responsibilities while successfully fulfilling professional association expectations and deadlines.

My strengths lie in organization, communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Traits I believe are necessary to guide the executive committee through purposeful process and decision-making. I hold myself and colleagues to extremely high standards but also work to provide resources and meaningful support that promotes individual and team success.  When faced with problems, I utilize literature, my resources, and peers to find creative solutions.

Additionally, I take pride in connecting people with opportunities and one another.

Inherent barriers such as access to resources, knowledge, relationships, social connections, and identity impact student success. I dedicated my dissertation to the concept of Cultural Capital and have found success in applying my expertise within Housing Operations.    Professional organizations present similar obstacles that impact involvement. As GLACUHO President, I commit to the following:

  • Engage with constituents to understand existing barriers, create reduction plans, and development  opportunities
  • Create sustainable business practices to ensure seamless transition between members and leadership
  • Encourage investment in GLACUHO professional development opportunities
  • Generate monthly Board progress and activity updates for the entire membership
  • Launch quarterly webinars to address constituents’ concerns, gather creative initiatives and proactive solutions
  • Remain transparent with conversations and initiatives of the GLACUHO Executive Board

During my tenure, I’ve interacted with colleagues who believe they don’t possess the skills, knowledge, or connection to serve on committees, attend conferences, or run for leadership roles. GLACUHO has the ability to challenge this notion and encourage professionals to explore contribution areas. I’d like to advocate with constituents to help them identify unique characteristics that can benefit our profession. Through documenting and increasing accessibility to our business processes we ensure everyone has equitable opportunities to lead, learn, and serve.  By challenging these long-held beliefs, we will continue to make strides in becoming more inclusive.

My trustworthiness, in tandem with broad knowledge, professional leadership, and vast industry experience are an excellent match for the responsibilities of the President Elect.  It is with the full institutional endorsement that I commit to serving a full term. I’m thrilled to share my passion, vision, and governance with our region.