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10/20/2019 » 10/22/2019
2019 Annual Conference - East Lansing, Michigan

Candidates for Illinois Delegate (2019)
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Members were solicited for nominations for GLACUHO Leadership positions during early 2019. Interested nominees were contacted and given an opportunity to submit their application materials, including candidate statements, resumes, institutional support forms, and professional photo.

Elections for Board Members will take place online May 1-31, 2019. Institutions that signed in at the 2018 Annual Conference in Bloomington, Indiana will  receive one vote on behalf of their institution. Votes are cast by a designated voting delegate. Voting delegates can be found here

If there is an update to your institution’s voting delegate, please email

For more information on the elections process and procedures, please review the GLACUHO By-laws.

SHiori silver

Area Coordinator
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my candidacy for the Illinois State Delegate position for GLACUHO.  Currently, I am an Area Coordinator at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign where I work with and lead four Master-degree level Residence Hall Directors and two full-time Area Secretaries. 

As the state delegate for Illinois, I would provide a sense of ambition, energy, and passion for the position.  GLACUHO was my first professional home as a graduate student and I fully understand the impact of the association.  After working in two other regions and returning to GLACUHO, I appreciated the warm Midwest homecoming which further built my motivation to give back to GLACUHO.  In the short time back, GLACUHO has already provided me with a platform to further develop my network and passions especially being involved with the Inclusion and Equity Committee. 

As a State Delegate, my goal is to ensure all my actions and decisions reflect an inclusive practice and that diversity, inclusion, and social justice is not just a checklist item.  To do so, recruitment, engagement, and retention will be vital of institutions and individuals as we all bring various strengths, needs, and resources.  As an Asian woman, I find that representation is important and will make sure that all voices have a seat at the table.  With the current climate of the world, it will also be important to have a global perspective which I can provide as a generation 1.5 Japanese immigrant.  I will utilize opportunities such as collaborating with Inclusion and Equity Committee to make sure GLACUHO is a space for all.  The Needs Assessment data will also be a resource to better advocate for an inclusive environment for Illinois and the region. 

Beyond GLACUHO, I have been involved in other professional associations.  Currently, I co-chair the STARS College Evaluation Work Group through ACUHO-I and have also been part of the NRAP Evaluations Committee with WACUHO.  From my experiences with ACUHO-I and WACUHO, I have gained more knowledge and passion for assessment work and have been able to infuse student learning from a macro level.  I have also had the opportunity to be a Regional Ambassador for the Asian Pacific American Network through ACPA which has taught me communication and engagement strategies that require to work with people across the country. 

From my experiences supporting national and regional associations, I will be able to provide new perspectives, experiences, and ideas that will only better GLACUHO and Illinois.  I will also want to assess and enhance current initiatives that will provide accessible opportunities for members to learn, lead, and serve the state and region.  Such strategies like drive-ins, meet ups, or webinars will be utilized for Illinois institutions to better engage.  As the representative for Illinois, I will role model what it means to be an authentic leader within the region and at home to best serve the needs of the members.  Thank you for your support and I look forward to serving the state of Illinois.


karl turnlund

Area Coordinator
Lake Forest College

It’s with excitement that I accept the nomination for the position of Illinois State Delegate. Throughout my career, GLACUHO has been an integral component of my development. My involvement began in 2013 with the annual conference, and I have been engaged with the association since, including:

  • Member of the Contemporary Issues Committee 2014, 2018
  • Member of the Programming and Development Committee 2019
  • Entry Level Case Study Winner 2017
  • Presenting at the annual conference 2014-2016, 2018
  • Publishing multiple Trends articles 

These experiences have given me perspective on the transformative growth that comes from GLACUHO participation. They have also prepared me well to step into the Illinois Delegate role as I seek to recruit, retain, and engage our membership. I’m proud to say that I’m also prepared and eager to serve as a voting member of the board. For three years, I served on the board of an arts-based youth empowerment organization. I was tasked with fundraising, making fiscally responsible decisions, and contributing to complex conversations around membership recruitment. Our membership more than doubled during my service in addition to launching two new fundraising-focused events, which continue to benefit the organization. I will bring these experiences and zeal with me as I represent the Illinois membership while advancing GLACUHO’s mission of providing the best opportunities for housing officers to learn, lead, and serve. This will include:

Recruitment and Retention

  • Partnering with member institutions to understand their evolving needs, particularly those related to budget constraints across Illinois institutions
  • Leveraging conference registration data to ensure attendees feel included at the annual conference, particularly new member schools and schools with small delegations
  • Establishing individualized relationships with the Illinois membership to engender a greater sense of belongingness within our state and the association 


  • Utilizing association-wide data to collaboratively create, refine, and tailor impactful engagement opportunities that extend the GLACUHO experience for members at all experience levels
  • Providing leadership to the varied task forces to continue to advance GLACUHO’s strategic plan


  • Transparent, timely, and concise communication to maintain year-long engagement with the association
  • Connecting the Illinois membership through structures that empower members of all levels to voice their experiences and needs 

Underpinning these aims is a vision that GLACUHO be recognized as forward-thinking and inclusive organization. As the Illinois State Delegate, I would bring this vision to the board table as a queer, low-income, first-generation graduate. Specifically, I want to work collaboratively with the other State Delegates and leadership to radically center, promote, and bolster participation with the work of the GLACUHO membership, committees, and initiatives that are already focused on this essential work. 

Beginning in June, I’ll be stepping into the role of Associate Director here at Lake Forest College. With this promotion comes stability and an earnestness to give back to an organization that has provided me with many of the skills I use daily.  I would be honored to serve GLACUHO in this way and I welcome any questions you may have as voting proceeds.