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10/20/2019 » 10/22/2019
2019 Annual Conference - East Lansing, Michigan

Candidates for President-Elect (2018)
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Elections for the position of Present-Elect will occur at the 2018 Annual Conference, in Bloomington, Indiana, during the business meeting.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name. Statements are provided as-is and have not been not edited for content.


SARAH Meaney

It is with great pleasure that I accept the nomination and submit my letter of interest for the GLACUHO president-elect position.  I currently serve as the Director of Housing and Residence Life at Elmhurst College and am excited to take the next step in my GLACUHO career.  After discussing this opportunity with mentors and others in the region, I feel like it is the appropriate time for me to act upon the desire to lead our housing association.  It is an exciting time to be on the presidential track as we have recently passed new bylaws that will significantly change the way the board operates and how the annual conference will be executed.  In GLACUHO as well as in my own professional experience, shepherding organizations through change is something I have successfully demonstrated during my tenure as a housing professional.

GLACUHO has been my professional home since 2010 when I attended my first conference as a graduate student.  Since then I have presented at the annual conference multiple times, wrote for Trends, been a member of two committees, chaired the Professional Foundations Committee, chaired the Mid-Level Institute, served on the Financial Stability Task Force, and will be a faculty member at the 2019 Professional Development Institute.  I have substantial leadership experience within GLACUHO and want to share this with the association at large.

As president-elect, I would focus on the following areas to inspire positive change in our association:

  • Implement the recent bylaw changes and reconfigure the timelines and procedures surrounding elections and the annual conference.  With elections and the annual conference host procedure fundamentally changing, I would work to create a smooth transition from one operations mindset to another.  Because we will not be able to rely heavily on what has been done in the past, there are avenues for innovation in the spaces that the bylaw changes have created. For example, our online elections could occur after reading candidate statements only.  By removing the intimidating process of our in-person elections, we should expect our elected position candidate pool to broaden and include highly qualified applicants who felt like they weren’t connected enough in GLACUHO to apply and run for a board position.

  • Complete the 2015 – 2020 strategic plan and begin drafting the next one.  A few outstanding items in the plan include implementing the recommendations from the Diversity and Inclusion Task force (see below), working with and learning from other regions, and utilizing an ACUHO-I intern.  I am excited to attend another region’s conference and begin building stronger relationships with other regional leaders. I also believe that sponsoring an ACUHO-I intern who is focused solely on producing tangible work for the region would highly increase our effectiveness as an organization.  Finally, beginning the next strategic plan would allow me to seek out a vast range of voices to help create the next chapter of our association’s story.

  • Produce tangible evidence of change based on the data collected by and the recommendations of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.  By examining the work of this strategic plan task force, I would actively work to dismantle the barriers that keep people of color from participating and leading in GLACUHO.  We must name the barriers and deal with them openly. I am highly committed to attracting and retaining talented people to work in our unique field and I want our organization to cultivate this talent from RA to SHO.  

Overall, I believe in this organization.  GLACUHO is positioned to challenge and support the next generation of housing professionals and we have a responsibility to continually educate on current issues through excellent conference presentations and Trends publications, create meaningful professional development experiences, mentor new professionals, and ensure that we stay on the cutting edge of the housing profession.  The positive experiences I have had in GLACUHO have contributed greatly to me remaining in this functional area. I want our association to nurture all professionals who have the talent and skills to raise the bar of the housing profession as a whole.

I have the full support of the Elmhurst College and would be honored to spend the next three years of my career at the helm of this organization.