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2020 Annual Conference - Springfield, Illinois

Candidates for President-Elect (2017)
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Elections for the position of Present-Elect will occur at the 2017 Annual Conference, in Indianapolis, Indiana, during the business meeting.

Candidates are listed alphabetically by last name. Statements are provided as-is and have not been not edited for content.



Dear Election Board,

                This past fall I was speaking with an Assistant Director candidate about the move from SEAHO to GLACUHO.  During this conversation my answers came easy.  I became more and more excited about the conversation and what I was saying about the amazing people I had interacted with.  At the end of the conversation I got off the phone and decided that I would submit this letter to be considered for the position of President of GLACUHO.

                I have only been in the GLACUHO region for a little over two years.  In that time I have served as faculty for PDI twice and attended a GLACUHO general conference.  I have supported multiple staff members to be active members of GLACUHO as presenters or serving on committees and boards.  In eleven years in the SEAHO region I never attended a SEAHO conference.  There is one reason for my instant feeling of connection to this region and that is family.

                From the moment I entered the conference I was met with support.  I received emails from current members of the region welcoming me.  I was invited to be a faculty member at PDI after only serving in the region for one semester.  When I attended PDI I was welcomed with open arms.  Everyone wanted to learn about my story and was willing to share theirs.  At Purdue we talk about knowing and being known.  The idea being that relationships are not uni-directional.  They require both parties to be vulnerable and willing to share about themselves.  That is what I’ve felt in GLACUHO.  Last year, after serving just one year in the region I was asked to apply for President of GLACUHO.  I ultimately didn’t feel comfortable doing that because I hadn’t attended a general conference.  After attending that conference I saw the positivity from the members and board, the support of one another, and the focus on relationships.  I want to serve a conference that values the same ideals that I value.

                I think many conferences have a similar view of how they will serve the profession, in particular the professionals in their region.  In GLACUHO it is to learn lead and serve.  The difference, as I see it, is how that mission is achieved.  The way I have traditionally encountered is through bureaucracy and administration.  In GLACUHO I have seen that done by focusing on the individual and their needs and by surrounding that person with support from all sides.  I ask that I be considered for the Presidency position so that I can continue pushing GLACUHO towards the outcomes of its mission through supporting all members and their individual needs.

Thank you



It is with great honor and excitement that I accept the nomination to run for the GLACUHO President-Elect position. GLACUHO is an incredible association and has served as my professional home since I first became involved in 2005. Over these past 12 years, I have grown and developed as a result of the incredible development opportunities through the annual conference, mentorship of senior housing officers and board members, and my own involvement on the board for half of those 12 years. Through that involvement, I have gained a solid understanding of the business and operations of the association, the challenges we face, and the direction we are moving through implementation of the strategic plan and other new initiatives.

First, I would like to highlight my relevant professional experience:

  • Facilities Project Manager at DePaul University (2014-2017)
  • Facilities Project Coordinator at DePaul University (2011-2014)
  • Resident Director at Loyola University Chicago (2008-2011)
  • Coordinator of Residential Facilities at Northern Illinois University (2004-2008)
  • Graduate Assistant for Residential Facilities at Northern Illinois University (2003-2004)

In my career, I have taken a non-traditional path to my current position. I served as a community advisor as an undergraduate, which first sparked my interested in student housing. However, my graduate assistantship and first professional positions were both on the operations side of housing rather than the more traditional residential life side. Recognizing that the residential life experience was important in my career progression, I intentionally sought a live-in resident director position and enjoyed three years at Loyola University Chicago. It is through my RD position that I learned the challenges and rewards of supervision, working with a diverse student population, and the other important aspects of being a live-in professional. However, my true passion lies in operations and facilities management, and I believe these experiences have given me a unique and valuable skillset which will complement the other two members of the tri-presidency with whom I would serve in my first year.

In my role as Facilities Project Manager at DePaul University, I am responsible for a number of critical functions for the department. I work closely with our facility operations team to ensure our students’ maintenance needs are being met, as well as to plan and implement repair and improvement projects of all sizes. As part of this, I oversee a nearly $1 million budget annually, both operating and capital.  Before and during our summer projects season, I plan and manage the logistics of large and sometimes complex projects, coordinating the efforts of numerous stakeholders and ensuring regular communications. This is where my strengths and project management experience are invaluable, and I believe these same strengths and skills will be beneficial to the president-elect and subsequent roles in GLACUHO. This is certainly in line with four of my top StrengthsQuest strengths, which are strategic, consistency, analytical, and communication. With the most significant roles of the tri-presidents in the coming years being related to the continued implementation of the strategic plan, I believe these skills to be extremely relevant to the responsibilities.

Next, I would like to highlight my experience and accomplishments with GLACUHO:

  • Attended and actively engaged in the annual conference each year (since 2005)
  • Technology Coordinator, GLACUHO Board of Directors (3 consecutive terms: 2010-2012, 2012-2014, 2014-2016)
  • Committee Member, Technology Resources and Education Committee (2007-2010)
  • Top 10 program award recipient (2007 & 2008)

My most significant involvement with the association has been in the technology coordinator role, which I served in for six years. During my tenure, I grew the position from what used to be the webmaster role to a more comprehensive technology role, overseeing all of the associations virtual / technology assets and systems. While the technology coordinator role appears to be more behind-the-scenes, it is a crucial position that is directly connected nearly every aspect of the association’s business and every member of the Board of Directors. I worked seamlessly with the tri-presidents to support the operations of the association, providing ideas, solutions, and recommendations. With our association utilizing technology to deliver webinars, maintain a membership database, support committee and state delegate initiatives, and handle payment processing, the technology coordinator role truly did touch every other board position on a regular basis.

I am proud to have implemented a number of key systems and processes that are still in use today, such as the Google Apps suite (including dedicated board email accounts), the process for scheduling and managing online meetings and webinars, and the ecommerce system that allows us to accept credit card payments. Most significantly, I was responsible for the research, selection, and implementation of the current website and membership management system, which was a highly involved, high stakes project spanning across two years. These accomplishments demonstrate my commitment to the association and my ability to achieve quality results. It is in this role that I gained a comprehensive understanding of the association’s business, from our programming and professional development offerings to governance and finance.

In the course of preparing for my candidacy, I have conducted informational interviews of select current and past board members and other respected members of our GLACUHO community in order to gain a better understanding of the current state of the association and the needs of our members. I understand that the current priority for the association is the continued implementation of the strategic plan in order to move the association forward. I am excited at the prospect of helping lead this charge, and am confident in my skills and strengths as they relate to this responsibility. I previously served on the board during the development and initial implementation of the plan, and I have remained connected and informed on progress made during this past year as well.

In addition to the strategic plan, I envision helping shape the future of GLACUHO in terms of our financial stability, our relationships with ACUHO-I, the ACUHO-I foundation and other regions, and continuing to engage and provide quality professional development opportunities to our members amidst the current institutional budget challenges many of us are facing. Our membership is diverse, in terms of both individuals and institutions, and in order to ensure we are continuing to meet varying needs of our members I would explore the implementation of affinity communities within the association. By doing so, we will provide structure and space (both physical and virtual) for these communities to network and collaborate. As a past board member, I have developed strong relationships across the region, and during my time serving in the presidency track I plan to continue growing and developing these and new relationships in order to serve our members.

GLACUHO has been such an integral part of my professional development, and has an extremely rich tradition as a premiere housing association.  I am excited for the opportunity to learn, lead, and serve with our members in the president-elect position and subsequent roles. I am proud to submit my candidacy materials with the full support of my supervisor, my director, and my department at DePaul University. My demonstrated track record of quality accomplishments, both in my professional role as well as my role on the GLACUHO board, speak to my dedication and commitment, and it would be a great honor to serve as your President-Elect.