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2/9/2020 » 2/10/2020
2020 Winter Meeting

General Discussion and Other Topics
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July Article Club! 0 C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University From all of us at the Student Learning Committee, we are very happy to share with you our next installment of the Article Club initiative! If you are new to our postings, we post these articles at the end of every month so that discussion can continue until our next article at the end of the following month. We choose these articles in hopes that Student Affairs Professionals alike are able to engage in meaningful conversations about certain hot topics taking place in our field! We will also have some small discussions questions coming in a few days to help facilitate the conversation if needed. In coordination with our GLACUHO Contemporary Topic this year, we are very excited to introduce you to:   Managing Up: A Brief Guide How can junior faculty and those in contingent positions effectively raise issues with higher-ups who have the standing, power and influence to help solve those issues? Ellen de Graffenreid provides advice. (    This great article written by Ellen de Graffenreid really hits on the areas of managing and supervising individuals as Student Affairs Professionals! Please take some time to read up on this great piece of literature and get ready for the questions!
by C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University
Thursday, July 27, 2017
April's Article Club Article! 1 C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University Sorry for the delay! Check out below from some great questions to get things going! 1. "most students leave college with the same assumptions with which they entered: that the dominance and overrepresentation of certain people in college, in leadership and among the ranks of the wealthy and envied is natural and optimal." What is your opinion or thoughts on this statement? 2. To celebrate the idea and understanding of diversity on campus, what does a student body need to do to make this happen? 3. What are your thoughts on Dafina-Lazarus Stewart's stance throughout the article? Are these feelings becoming more normalized across our institutions? 4. Take some time to look over Stewart's "Inclusion and Equity" rhetoric from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, what is your opinion on these matters presented?   If you are interested in Stewart's talk or more on her work, see the YouTube link below!  
by C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University
Monday, May 1, 2017
Article Club 2017-2018!! 2 C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University The first article was posted! Check it out HERE! OR subscribe to updates HERE!
by A. Copley-Spivey, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
March Article Club Posting! 1 C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University Here are some quick questions to help with any lapse in conversation!1. How do you see the article topic relating to your campus?2. How does your institution facilitate positive diversity experiences?3. How does your institution promote interaction between different ethnic and religious groups?4. How are Residence Life professionals in a critical position to facilitate learning experiences about diversity?
by C. Crotteau, Eastern Illinois University
Friday, March 31, 2017
FLSA 0 M. Rockafellow, University of St. Francis GLACUHO works to serve as a resource for the Region. All Higher Education institutions are being impacted by the new FLSA laws. Form information about the specific changes please visit: National organizations have worked to provide information via impact analysis. One example is: found on ACUHO-I's website resources. As each institution is working to make decisions about how to move forward GLACUHO would like to provide a space for members to discuss ideas, plans and questions. Please feel free to post below to share information about how your organization will move forward and questions that you have.    
by M. Rockafellow, University of St. Francis
Wednesday, June 22, 2016