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2/9/2020 » 2/10/2020
2020 Winter Meeting

General GLACUHO Discussion
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Ridesharing Connections For 2017 Winter Meeting 0 K. Nolan, University of Chicago Hello all! I am currently at the University of Chicago and trying to connect with folks who could help me get to the Winter 2017 Meeting.  If you have an additional seat available and are willing to carpool, then please feel free to send me an e-mail directly at In addition, if you're willing to help another fellow committee member with transportation, need a ride, or are willing to carpool then feel free to post here and make connections to coordinate travel. With warm regards, Kris     
by K. Nolan, University of Chicago
Sunday, January 29, 2017
Proposal for Funding a SHO Featured Speaker at the Annual Conference 0 P. Hubinsky, Northwestern University The GLACUHO Board of Directors created a proposal process that, in part, allows for more transparency and input into the operations of the association. This proposal is the first in which the full process will be implemented. This includes a chance for GLACUHO members to receive a preview of the proposal, ask questions, and provide input.   --------------------------------------------------------------------  At the March Business Meeting (to be scheduled, held virtually), the GLACUHO Board of Directors will be reviewing a proposal to approve funding for a featured speaker for SHOs at the annual conference. The executive summary and some additional information can be found below. This proposal was submitted by the Programming & Development committee. Please use this discussion thread to post any questions or comments, or work with your state delegate to provide input.    Executive Summary* We are asking for monetary support to provide a "feature speaker" during a light breakfast for Senior Housing Officers. The "feature speaker" would be an experienced, knowledgeable professional on an emerging trend in higher education (topic is TBA). Purpose* To provide Senior Housing Officers with a unique professional development opportunity at our region's annual conference that will add value to their conference experience. Target Audience Senior Housing Officers Outcomes* Participants will be able to: - Learn about an emerging trend in the field from the perspective of a knowledgeable speaker - Verbally describe how their institution will respond/has responded to the emerging trend - Discuss "best practices" for developing an institutional response to the emerging trend across the GLACUHO region Assessment Plan* The session will be included in conference evaluations and be mostly satisfaction based. Participants will be able to suggest feedback for improving the session in the future, as well as topics to consider. Date(s) of Event* 11/14/2016 Timeline for Implementation* As part of our subcommittee outreach to Senior Housing Officers, we will solicit opinions on the topic for the featured speaker to cover. Next, we will find a knowledgeable speaker within our budget, likely another SHO within or outside of our region. Our goal is to have the speaker solidified by early July, pending on when/if we receive financial support. Financial Component Our anticipated budget is as follows: ·         $250 breakfast ·         Up to $500 for speaker ·         $300 accommodations for speaker (hotel) Total amount requested: $1,000   Our intention is to come in under budget.  Some ways we could do that may include the following: · Work with the conference team to find a location for breakfast (ex: maybe utilize the free continental breakfast at a conference hotel and then only need to reserve a room) · Find a knowledgeable professional within our region (or nearby, perhaps ACUHO-I office) to talk about the emerging trend to lessen cost of speaker and need for accommodations · If applicable, see if anyone coming from the exhibitor fair may qualify to be the feature speaker. If that’s the case, then try to schedule the breakfast on the same day as the exhibitor fair to perhaps lessen need for overnight accommodations. We are also open to other suggestions that we may not have considered in order to lessen the cost of the event. Already in GLACUHO Budget?* No - Elected board vote will be required Association Values* This initiative aligns with our vision statement and core values. If we want to be recognized as the premier regional housing association we will need to reach out to other associations and other people in the field. This will also help us provide personal and professional development to SHOs. Stakeholders and Roles* The "SHO & Mid Level" subcommittee of the Programming & Development Committee will work to solicit opinions from SHOs on what they would want to see in a feature speaker then work to secure a speaker. The subcommittee has two specific individuals tasked with coordinating this event, who will work diligently within deadlines to make the event successful. The GLACUHO board could be considered a stakeholder through financial support. The intended participants are SHOs as we want to add value to their conference experience.  
by P. Hubinsky, Northwestern University
Thursday, February 25, 2016
Ridesharing Connections for the 2016 Winter Meeting 1 E. Musselman, DePaul University Staff from Franklin College have one seat available if needed. We are driving up from Franklin, IN (located just west of 65). Contact Jenna Day at if you are interested.
by J. Day, Franklin College
Friday, February 5, 2016
Camp Tecumseh Best Practices 2 Z. Birch, Northern Illinois University Be ready to brainstorm projects, but also get ready to volunteer to implement. Executing the plans made during the Winter Meeting is what drives us forward and makes us a premier housing association.
by S. Meaney, Elmhurst College
Thursday, February 4, 2016
Technology Advisory Board (TAB) Proposal 1 P. Hubinsky, Northwestern University I question whether an advisory board is enough - I would say this is the least we could do, and as such, a necessary step. It seems that the position is so critical to the organization and, at times, so time intensive that perhaps taking the unprecedented step of creating a paid position for technology (and perhaps others) may be a way to ensure GLACUHO is providing its members all of the resources for all of the membership to help institutions succeed.
by D. Schraeder, University of Illinois Springfield
Thursday, January 21, 2016
Resident Advisors 0 Wilberforce University  My name is Kenneth Goodrum and I am the Director of Residence Life at Wilberforce University. I am emailing you to find out information to see how you handle, and what are the best practices concerning Resident Advisors (RA) and them having federal work study.  Currently our RA staff is composed of undergraduate students who have to meet our department standards to hold the position. Once hired the student RA is given a scholarship to cover room rent cost on their financial package. Many of these students also qualify for federal work study (FWS) and can work hours on campus. My question to you is: 1)      At your institution can your RA also work within the Residence life department using (FWS)? Why or why not? 2)      Do you know of any federal regulations that prohibit a student receiving a scholarship to work in the same department with (FWS) monies   that that scholarship is generated from? 3)      What is your institutions policy on this matter? I thank you for your time and I hope you can provide me with the necessary feed back. I want to make sure my department is in line with the best practices on this matter. Thank you   
by Wilberforce University
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Welcome to our discussion forums 2 E. Musselman, DePaul University Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! I'm really excited to see how well it is coming together.
by E. Musselman, DePaul University
Monday, April 7, 2014